Different products to provide all the needs Consumer in the decoration market
Roll Curtains
Sunscreen Rollerscan give you the modern look without compromising your privacy. Made from polyester & PVC, fiberglass allows optimum level of heat and light control while blocking 90,95and 97% of sunlight. Blackout rollers are suitable for those who prefer to combine attractive window dressing with blocking 100% sunlight. and you can print logo or any picture of your choice to make it reflix your identity .
Wooden blinds
if you prefer traditional or modern furnishing to your home or office, wooden blinds made from the highest quality of real wood & it will be a great choice for your window. this blind is the special lightweight choice for your large windows.
Zebra blinds can adjust the light and privacy at your desired level with coloerfull looks and designs
Venetian blinds
vinitial blind , classic look curtains which available in several colors and several measurement 25 mm,or 50 mm ,, smooth motion and easy to clean . It also has the ability to place a photo or your company logo on it
Vertical blinds
Curtains with vertical strips from the best types of polyester , you can rotate the slides to allow sunlight to enter the room as per your choice ,availlable in modern, colerful, easy to use material
Japanese curtains
high-quality vertical blinds give a modern and beautiful design for your place , The Japanese , curtain is distinguished by a wide range of color schemes to make your home more distinctive.
Curtains are made of natural bamboo wood and give a beautiful classic feel with natural environment to your place , its available in two different ways and shapes the Roman way or roll , bamboo curtains available in too many colors and designs of you’re choice
Roman Shade
a blinds that add classic and simplisty to your place ,available in modern designs and colors
Stage blinds
stage ,cinema and castles blinds a high end and heavy duty blinds with modern technology and you can control it remotely , Adheres to international safety standards
Hospital Curtains
curtains are specially designed for hospital industry with anti bacterial and FR specification. It is used to provide privacy for patient’s rooms.
PVC Folding doors
are made with durable plastic and very easy to use and install. Its folding design makes it flexible and space saving for small rooms or space.
Double Curtains
A variety of different and uniqye from the latest and renews in the curtains which tarnishes the beauty of the house without the houses seems empty it is a cry of curtains that provide the ability to isolate the light through the layer of blackout or light penetration through the front layer which we leave of your choice whether (screen - zebra - chiffon) the chiffon layers give a modern, classic feel to the embroidery and modern design when closed wuth the black layer of the curtain.
Motors Blinds
You can control your blinds remotely from anywhere in your room with just one plastic remote control . Available in differnt type of motors (somfy motor ) tge number one blind motor on the world and alzahra special more also available with five years warranty